A lecturer in my first year of my photography degree once posed a question to the class, “why should your work stand?” My answer to the question was, "people might be able to relate to it."

Ever since then, when making photographic work I’ve had its purpose in mind. I strive to tell important stories, or to express emotions which others might relate to. I often draw from personal experiences and emotions to say things that I believe to be important. I utilise the photographic medium to tell important stories and represent the marginalised. I employ a social documentary approach to document the plights of today’s society and its marginalised groups such as a LGBTQI community, in order to educate, challenge stereotypes and expose injustices. My oeuvre to date is eclectic, utilising both photojournalistic and artistic convention.

I am a Brisbane based photographer with a Bachelor of Photography with Honours at QCA. I completed my undergraduate degree with a double major in Photographic Art Practice and Photojournalism.

(Photograph by Peter Wilson)

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